Art-Up and start-up companies

As entrepreneurs that encourage start-up companies (which not surprisingly was the inspiration for our company's name),
we have taken part in several initiative business projects in several areas such as capital market, IVR and social networking

From our experience, one of the most important and moreover difficult to any start-up company is the initial fundraising.  Researches show that many start-ups are rejected by venture capitals because they are not familiar enough with the start-ups' field and sometimes they fail in branding. This is where we enter – Art-Up offers the perfect package for start-ups with a variety of services, starting from the establishment through the marketing strategy and all the way to the initial fundraising and marketing penetration.

As a company that specializes in website development and internet branding we offer our services for start-ups as follows:

  • Developing an image website which emphasizes the company's advantages (or its product) with constant accompanying through its activity.
  • Graphic design for fundraising, including flash presentations.
  • Logo design and marketing materials such as folders and business cards.

    Art-Up offers the perfect package for start-ups who need to launch a professional website within a short time. For more details click here.

Art-Up has a strategic cooperation with BrightNet – The institute for Business Research Ltd., a company that was founded in 1994 by Dr. Moti Friedman and specializes in providing business information by conducting international market research in order to develop fund-raising business plans and to build sales-increasing marketing plans. Among BrightNet's customers are Big companies such as Aladin (NASDAQ: ALDN), El-Al, the Electric Corporation, IAI, Motorola, Middle-size companies such as Flash Networks, Green Vision Systems, MALCAM, Shopila Corporation, Sivron Information Technologies, and even to start-up companies such as Aqua Digital, ATDS (Advanced Teleradiology Diagnostic Services), Atomynet Inc., Cell-Apps, E-Magine Universal Medical Solutions, Expert Dynamics, Human Monitoring, Kinor Technologies Inc., Labonnet, Modus Biological Membranes and Monotorque, ReDent-Nova.

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